ZHIYUN Crane4 專業級三軸穩定器


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Support full-frame DSLR and compact cinema cameras benefited from longer arm length, stronger motors and extended quick release plate.

*For detailed camera compatibility, please refer to the compatibility list.Balance indicator lights added to the motors provide a timely reminder for precise balance calibration.Integrates horizontal and vertical lock structure, switching between native landscape and portrait shooting modes.The adjustable sling grip, combined with the wrist rest that supports fine-tuning angle adjustment, reduces shooting fatigue. The extendable sling grip can be adjusted to the gimbal’s central axis, 1/4″ screw hole in the handle allows for accessories. The flexible wrist rest structure features energy-saving adjustment.The built-in 10W fill light adds to the portability of quality shooting.Supports Bluetooth shutter control with mainstream cameras. Start/stop recording or trigger photo-taking functions via the recording button.The 1.22-inch color touchscreen supports multiple adjustments and includes built-in features such as motion timelapse.Comes with a magnetic tightening wrench to assist in every shooting session. With a silicone protective case to reduce wear and tear.The trigger button and front dial support customizable parameter adjustment, such as ISO, shutter and aperture.The TransMount Image Transmission system allows remote monitoring and collaborative creation. With follow-focus motors, you’re empowered to break the limits of professional filmmaking.Be paired with external dual servo focus controllers achieve a precise focusing. With TransMount Image Transmission system, focus and zoom while controlling the lens.Four 18650 batteries, 1H50mins the PD fast charging fully charged . Support charging and using at the same time.

【Enhanced Compatibility】With its longer arm length, stronger motors, and extended quick-release plate, ZHIYUN Crane 4 effortlessly and securely accommodates full-frame DSLR and compact cinema cameras. The balance indicator lights on the motors provide timely reminders for precise balance calibration.

【Seamless Shooting Modes】Featuring an innovative quick-release module, Crane 4 Camera Gimbal integrates horizontal and vertical lock structures, enabling effortless switching between native landscape and portrait shooting modes.

【Built-in 10W Fill Light】Experience portability and quality shooting with the built-in 10W fill light, which brings pro LED lighting to your fingertips. It offers a maximum illuminance of 3200 Lux, a CRI of 95+, and a CCT range of 2700K-5500K.

【Bluetooth Control and Color Screen】Enjoy seamless shooting with Bluetooth shutter control, compatible with popular cameras. Use the recording button to start/stop recording or trigger photo capture. The 1.22" color touchscreen allows easy adjustments and features built-in functions like motion timelapse. Customize the trigger button and front dial for intuitive control over ISO, shutter, aperture, focus motor, and gimbal modes.

【Rapid Charging and Extended Runtime】Experience the convenience of PD fast charging, fully charging your device in just 1 hour and 50 minutes with a runtime of up to 12 hours on a single charge.




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