7artisans 15mm f/4


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  • Excellent optical performance: Designed with 2 non-spherical, 3 low-dispersion, and 5 high-refractive-index lenses. Approximate zero chromatic aberration means you no longer have to worry about star trailing in astrophotography.Sharpness is unbeatable: With a 9-group, 13-element (including 2 non-spherical) lens structure, the center and edge quality of your photos will be equally outstanding.
  • 114° ultra-wide-angle: The 15mm F4 ultra-wide-angle lens provides a 114° field of view, capturing vast cityscapes and endless landscapes. Suitable for shooting scenery, architecture, astrophotography, indoor photography, and VLOGs.
  • Approximate zero distortion: With an approximate distortion of 0 at F4 15mm, this lens reduces the amount of post-processing required for architectural photography.
  • Equipped with a detachable hood to effectively resist glare. The lens also supports 77mm filters.


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