Hollyland Technology focuses on wireless video transmission solution. We design and manufacture wireless transmission of video and audio which used around the world by professional video content provider. We aim to provide you the most effective solutions and service.


Whether it’s a wedding, an indie film, or a television commercial, no matter what types of cameras you use,Feelworld Master monitor helps you make sure every shot is in focus and gives you professional images with the same recording quality! It would be the best partner for cameras and stabilizers.



銘匠 TTArtisan

TTArtisan is a brand that specializes in the development of mirrorless camera lenses. The owner is Shenzhen Mingjiang Optical Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Mingjiang Optical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional
Focus on the needs of photographers and enthusiasts, walk into the player community and turn ideas into real objects.

SYNCO Microphones

With the slogan 「Sounds in sync everywhere」,SYNCO products aim to synchroniza the original sound and offer users the true and crisp sound, thus named SYNCO


ZEAPON is a manufacturer of portable and professional slider who invented and adopted fluid damping technology on their product. With cutting-edge technology and innovation, ZEAPON aims to provide professional solutions for videographers and filmmakers